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The vast majority of international agreements involve arbitration agreements. Internally, arbitration goes along with the most important contracts. In every case involving a disagreement or dispute, arbitration offers fair, rapid, economical, confidential and appropriate solutions to each specific situation. In this area we offer a professional and strict service to companies and all the practices that serve them.

This year the Arbitration Centre of the Portuguese Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CAC) celebrates its 30th anniversary. It is by far the largest and oldest Arbitration Centre in Portugal, and is part of a network of major arbitration centres worldwide. It offers modern facilities, efficient support services and a team of outstanding arbitrators: it provides top level arbitration services which are very competitive in terms of efficiency and cost Moreover, it is active in the areas of support, research and ongoing practical training.

At the start of its term of office, the current board of the Arbitration Centre, which I chair with great honour, pays tribute to its respected predecessors. Going forward, it will intensify the international dimension, particularly with regard to the Portuguese-speaking world, with special attention to Angola, Brazil, Cape Verde and Mozambique and will broaden domestic arbitration cases, which make up the overwhelming majority of arbitration involving Portuguese companies.

Companies, Consultants, Jurists and all Portuguese stakeholders: we look forward to any questions you may want to raise, and convey our warmest greetings to all.

September, 2016

António Menezes Cordeiro

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